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Darkroom Studios is a professional software development company geared toward providing solutions for independent and professional game developers.

The mission at Darkroom Studios is to develop unparalleled technology to enable independent and professional game developers the ability to deliver “AAA” content games. By utilizing our game engine and tools, a development studio can take advantage of the following.

  • Enable your current art team to develop world class 2D and 3D games with a fraction of the cost.
  • By utilizing our authoring tools, you will quickly develop games in a fraction of the time it takes for large development studios.
  • Excellent customer support and tutorials that can be leveraged to assist your development team.


GameEngineLicensing Darkroom Studios provides a complete gaming development solution utilizing the Lawmaker Game Engine. The Lawmaker Game Engine is a cross-platform high performance real-time 3D engine developed specifically for indie and professional developers. Whether it is developing for the games of today and/or the games of the future - The Lawmaker Game Engine has been engineered with the needs of the developers and the demands of gamers worldwide.

Also available are our advanced toolsets and SDKs such as the Auto-discovery cluster that connects any type of device (PCs, Macs, linux, iPhone, Symbian devices, Windows Mobile) seamlessly together.

DarkroomGames Darkroom Studios is an online publisher & distributor of independent games. Darkroom’s initial title is a western themed first-person action shooter titled "LAWMAKER". Please visit our Darkroom Games page for information regarding our current and future games. If you are a game developer and would like to submit your game title for publishing and online distribution, please visit the game submission section of this web-site.

GamePacks Empower your team with ready made Game Packs. By purchasing texture or model game packs, you can significantly reduce the time it takes for you to deliver your game title. All of our game packs are ready to use for your projects. Please visit the Game Pack section to find which pack fits your game development needs.


Services On a tight budget? Need to meet specific deadlines for your current game project? Or do you need artwork for your next game prototype? Let Darkroom Studios help you realize your goals and deadlines with our custom content services. We will take your concepts and ideas and turn them into reality while you and your team stays focused on more pressing matters like gameplay, testing, and optimization.

Services Game and Art Content Submission

If you are a game developer that has a completed or near complete title and would like us to evaluate your product for online publishing/distribution, you’re at the right place. As an independent game studio, we understand the process it takes to help you become successful. Building fun games and making sure your product is visible and available worldwide via the internet is one of our goals.

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